Abedpour Construction Engineering Group started its activities in 2001 in Tehran with the aim of working in the field of Structural Design - Consulting - Supervision and Execution - Reconstruction - Participation and Construction of projects - Office - Commercial - Hospital - Residential complexes and towers - Industrial and Educational .

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Abedpour Construction Holding in 2001 in Tehran with the aim of working in the field of structural design, consulting, supervision and execution, reconstruction, participation and construction of projects, Official Commercial Hospital - residential complexes and towers - industrial, educational and academic Started its activity. This collection is managed by Mr. Yaghoub Abedpour Slogan of commitment in work and innovation in design and execution Together with a group of related experts and specialists in this field, they have been able to achieve significant success in these years and, in addition to cooperating with first-rate architects and consultants, emphasize their organizational slogan.

Abedpour Construction Holding has always used the most experienced technical, engineering, artistic and managerial specialists in order to increase the quality of its projects, and the result has been gaining a position in domestic and international festivals.

Awards and Honors

Winner of the 2018 American Architecture Prize

Ranked first in the American Society of Architects in 2016

World Architecture Finalist Amsterdam 2018

World Architecture Finalist Berlin Berlin Germany 2017

Third place in the single-unit buildings section of the Architect Award 2016


Among the collaborations of this complex with the consulting engineers group of Emarat Khorshid (managed by Dr. Behrouz Mansouri)New Wave Consulting Engineers (Management of Shahin HeidariLyda Almasian )Manzar Boom Naghsh Consulting Engineers (Managed by Dr. Shahab Mirzaeian)Skilled Consulting Engineers et alMehraz role-playing consulting engineersTara Design Consulting EngineersOnyx Fort Consulting EngineersIran Bon Consulting Engineers can be named. It should be noted that this complex has always been trusted by the community and architects due to its management system, and in this regard, always announces development and participation in various projects as one of its goals and objectives, and cooperates with the organization to develop its activities. Considers the private sector and welcomes proposals for appropriate partnerships and investments.

■ Awards and honors



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Engineer Yaghoub Abedpour

Master of Civil Engineering (Earthquake Engineering)
Basic Engineer of an Engineering System
Design, Supervision and Execution

Reza Faghihi Nia

Civil Engineering

Javad Abedpour

Civil Engineering

Mehrdad Faghihi Nia

Master of Civil Engineering

Najmeh Manzali

Master of Civil Engineering

Mohammad Ghanbari

Civil Engineering

Ehsan Rustapour

Civil Engineering

Ehsan Rashidzadeh

Civil Engineering

Farideh Jafarzadeh

Architect and Interior Architect

Ehsan Talaei

Accounting Expert